Are there distribution centers in the USA?
A. Yes, Most of our manufacturers & fulfillment centers are in the USA

Q. Is there a distribution center in the EU?
A. Yes, but we have not launched EU fulfillment yet. We are currently still shipping from the U.S. until we finalize this service.

What type of printing do you do? (Sublimation, heat press etc.)
A. We offer Sublimation (all over) printing on select items, embroidery on select  apparel items, and DTG/screen printing on our basic apparel.

Q. What actually makes your jerseys and apparel top notch compared to others?
A. Although most of our competitors use the same kind of material & the same type of printing, not all materials & printing machines are created equal. Our jersey's are comprised of an athletic grade polyester, meaning its stretchy but fitting, breathable but solid fabric (no mesh or odd textures), & most importantly, sleek but not uncomfortable. Furthermore, we use extremely high quality sublimation dye printers providing for an incredibly vibrant, crystal clear print.

Q. How many designers do you have? Do any of them have public portfolios?
A. We have a private team of designers that work mostly behind the scenes for our Art Director. This means that while we have multiple designers, each piece is revised and finalized by our art director. This ensures that each design is consistent with our previous quality, & meets or exceeds the standards of the client.

Portfolios are not available at this time - Agent Ink will be creating a gallery in the near future.

Q. Do you offer samples?
A. We do offer sample prints at discounted costs. (contact us personally to discuss this further)