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Agent Ink x Wichita Wolves

by Aaron Carroll
Agent Ink x Wichita Wolves

Agent Ink x Wichita Wolves

Wichita, Kansas - Wichita Wolves has partnered with Agent Ink Apparel to advance its mission of becoming the official esports team of Wichita, Kansas.  

Founded in August of 2019, by Dylan Resse, the Wichita Wolves currently compete in Overwatch, Call of Duty, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate & Melee, Apex Legends, and a multitude of other games. They are composed of roughly 80 players.

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“We love supporting our local community and businesses,” Dylan Reese, CEO of Wichita Wolves, replied. “We wanted to stay as local as possible when picking an apparel company.”

Agent Ink has worked with several local organizations and charities in the Wichita area.

“With Agent Ink being founded in Wichita, it only makes sense for us to seek out local opportunities,” Aaron Carroll, Community Manager of Agent Ink, stated. “Building a solid foundation with our local community is a key step for growth.”

Agent Ink prides itself on providing a one-on-one design process that allows both the client and designer to build a relationship and craft the perfect apparel. Top that off with apparel that is manufactured using the highest quality fabrics & state of the art printing techniques, you have the perfect apparel line.

“It's important that we have quality,” Reese added, “as well as style when coming up with an apparel line.”

“Our design team and Dylan have come together to make an apparel line that captures the spirit of the team,” Carroll replied. “They have crafted a product that I am sure both the team and community will be proud of.”

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