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Agent Ink x McMurry Esports

by James C
Agent Ink x McMurry Esports

Agent Ink x McMurry Esports

Wichita, Kansas - McMurry University Esports has partnered with Agent Ink Apparel to develop an apparel line for their growing program.

McMurry Esports is in its inaugural year and currently boasts a membership of twenty-two esports student athletes competing in Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League. With this partnership McMurry will have a store-front, hosted by Agent Ink, where their supporters can purchase their custom design apparel line, developed by Agent Ink.

The team store is expected to go live early January of 2020.

Both organizations are enthusiastic about working together and getting McMurry’s apparel line started as quickly as possible so that the team and their supporters can start representing their team.

“We chose Agent Ink because we like their work,” Matt Tarpley, Head Coach of McMurry Esports said, “Big companies are too busy to talk to me, which makes Agent Ink even better.”

“At Agent Ink we pride ourselves in working with clients from every level of the industry, professional, collegiate, or amateur.” Aaron Carroll, Community Manager for Agent Ink, said.

Agent Ink works to maintain a high-end, client focused design process that gives the client more control over their design. With one-on-one design sessions and limitless revisions, Agent Ink works to craft an apparel line that is aesthetically pleasing and brand oriented.

When asked about his design sessions, Tarpley responded, “The design process was super easy. I had the basics that I wanted to include in the jersey, minus the actual design. Agent Ink came up with some great designs, and then adjusted and altered to our very specific demands.”

Creating a cohesive brand image for an esports program is invaluable. It not only instills a sense of pride, but it defines the organization's culture. When a team wears their jerseys around campus, they have a billboard that markets their talents and passions to fellow students and the community. McMurry’s partnership with Agent Ink will allow them to create their brand image and give their supporters a sense of pride.

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